Bring imagination to everywhere your team collaborates

This integration is included with MURAL's Business and Enterprise plans.

Great ideas should be seen, not only heard

Now you can embed a shared digital canvas for visual collaboration into the Webex Meetings experience, making meetings more productive, inclusive, and fun.

With the MURAL App for Webex, your meetings will inspire the kind of engaging teamwork that drives innovation — whether your team is remote, hybrid, or still figuring it out.

After the meeting, keep the collaboration going

Visual collaboration lets your team collaborate creatively and strategically no matter where or when they work. It's easy to make your meaning clear even when working async by adding sticky notes, icons, diagrams, text, comments, and more to a mural. No design skills needed!

Get everyone on the same tab

Bring all of your collaboration and communication together in one space. No more wasting time searching for the right resource; all your project murals can be pinned in your team’s Webex spaces.

With MURAL and Webex, your team can create new ideas and solve problems faster. Click here for step-by-step setup tips.