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Digital Experience Design With Distributed Teams

With over 170,000 employees distributed across the United States, this global telecommunications organization has a lot of people working together from different locations, like most Fortune 500 companies. Their Digital Experience Department has main locations spread throughout the United States.

They rely on design thinking to guide them through their process as they create impactful digital experiences for their customers.


Time Spent Traveling, Not Innovating

Despite geographical distances, the Digital Experience Department relied on in-person workshops and meetings to drive projects forward. But complicated, time-consuming coordination processes slowed progress and spent excessive resources on travel and lodging.

The organization needed a solution that would enable them to host more frequent collaborative sessions while reducing the burdens of travel and increasing the rate of decision making.

We were able to get a project that used to take two weeks to complete done in just two days, and didn’t incur travel costs.

Head of UX
Head of UX
Head of UX
Telecom Enterprise

Digital Collaboration On Demand

Adopting MURAL enabled their teams to hold sessions regularly and schedule them on the fly. They could include key stakeholders from anywhere, without waiting for schedules to align for face-to-face sessions.

MURAL has eliminated travel from the equation, reducing time and expense while accelerating decision making throughout their Digital Experience Department.


Immediate, Lasting Impact

GAINED 2-3 WEEKS towards project efforts by removing scheduling and travel.

LEADERSHIP LIBERATED from creating enormous C-Suite presentations by easily displaying progress in MURAL

PUBLISH WORK PROCESS by creating and reusing MURAL templates in their ongoing efforts.

REMOVED POST-SESSION TIME spent on capturing, synthesizing and distributing materials.

INNOVATION CULTURE grows in the organization as more individuals contribute to discussions.


Better Decisions, Quicker: Less travel, more frequent collaboration accelerates projects by 90%

Flexible Work Flow: Achieve on-demand sessions or asynchronous collaborations around artifacts

Broader Participation: Stakeholders enabled to join collaboration and align around a common vision



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