December 12, 2016

Successfully Mapping User Experiences with Stakeholders: Event Recap

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For many teams, mapping user experiences can be a powerful tool. The process helps frame conversations and align priorities with stakeholders. The problem is that the ability to figure out what teams and stakeholders are doing and why can sometimes get lost in the practice.

In a recent seminar, Jim Kalbach, user-experience design and information architecture instructor, suggests that the solution lies in creating visual models through a collaborative, cross-functional team and stakeholder workshop. Better yet? He shows you exactly how to do it.

Working together with stakeholders, diverse teams can use experience mapping to see a product from a more critical, user-centered perspective. Ultimately, the team as a whole will be able to better understand and engage with the user experience.

See the full presentation for more details.


To genuinely understand the user experience, teams must examine both the journey and the destination. Without either, digital professionals will miss key components of their users’ involvement with their products.

But by leveraging the individual strengths of all team members, experience mapping instead provides a platform for more strategic conversations that lead to better solutions. Getting there requires only four simple steps:

  • Initiating the effort
  • Drawing the diagram
  • Aligning your vision
  • Experimenting with the results

Essentially, teams can start by considering their audience and the information at hand. They then use this knowledge to create a diagram that scopes the focus, structure and use-- all in a brainstorming or workshop setting that suits their needs. In the end, they’ll get to explore every idea for its potential business value.

Ready to get started? Click on the MURAL template below to try for yourself.

Mapping a Supermarket Experience


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