March 24, 2020

Suddenly Remote?: Education Edition: Webinar Recap

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Glenn Fajardo, instructor at the Stanford and seasoned online facilitator, joined forces with MURAL's Ward Bullard to demonstrate what a virtual classroom could look like.

They also shared best practices from their experience giving classes remotely, and, most importantly, helped us all feel connected during this time. We got tons of questions from participants during the webinar (which we love), but we couldn't get to all of them live (which we hate). Glenn and Ward made sure to go through all of them and give an answer, so be sure to also check out that Q&A mural below.

🖼️ Explore Glenn's presentation in MURAL here:

🤔 Explore the Q&A mural here:

📹 Access the webinar recording here:

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We hope to see you again at another one of our webinars 💡🚀🌏 Stay tuned to to see what's coming up next.

Mary Halling

Mary is the Community Manager at MURAL. She's passionate about building relationships with people, especially if coffee and good food are involved. Only introduced to Design Thinking once starting at MURAL, she quickly bought in and believes human-centered design can be leveraged to affect positive change in the world.

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