October 27, 2021

Creative Assets at Your Fingertips With MURAL & Adobe Creative Cloud

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For creative professionals, review cycles and stakeholder feedback can be a major bottleneck, riddled with miscommunication and delays. Stakeholders struggle to provide feedback directly to the design (where to add a comment, for example). Without context, designs can be misinterpreted. 

To solve this, organizations like Autodesk and Publicis Sapient are connecting Adobe® Creative Cloud® Libraries and MURAL, making visual collaboration a priority and accelerating design workflows through easy access to on-brand and up-to-date creative assets. 

Through MURAL’s integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries, designers and marketers can bring assets from Adobe Creative Cloud apps to a mural so that everyone can work together visually. Together, MURAL and Creative Cloud Libraries can help to shorten the feedback loop and bring designs to life faster.  

“We’re excited to see customers connecting Creative Cloud Libraries to MURAL for easy access to creative elements during visual collaboration sessions and review processes. Teams in design and marketing have been able to streamline content creation and simplify collaboration as they plan and brainstorm together on product and creative,” says Richard Borenstein, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at MURAL.

“How we work together has changed, and visual collaboration is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s business-critical,” says Aubrey Cattell, Vice President, Creative Cloud Developer Platform. “We’re excited to see companies surface Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries in MURAL. By connecting our two platforms, creative teams can lead higher-fidelity visual collaboration sessions like design sprints at scale. They can also brainstorm, plan, and facilitate on-brand workshops and meetings with their clients.”

During yesterday’s kickoff to Adobe MAX, Adobe shared its vision and commitment to an open Creative Cloud ecosystem. This vision includes continued investment in third-party integrations like MURAL and enhanced collaboration capabilities. 

The MURAL integration with Creative Cloud Libraries is available for all plans — even free. Don’t have a MURAL account yet? Sign up today

Taylor Rhyne

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