September 14, 2021

Get Every MURAL Summary From the M&M Show

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In partnership with Branding & Culture expert Martin Lindstrom and Leadership Coach Marshall Goldsmith, we’ll be sharing highlights from their all-new series — The M&M Show — where they and guests talk about all things leadership, learning, coaching, and collaboration. Welcome to the MURAL Summary — a recap of the key takeaways from each episode!

Disruption and Opportunities

In this episode, Martin and Marshall cover the topic of disruption with both guests taking a different perspective. Max Hawkins, software consultant and nomadic artist, and Barry Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice, joined the hosting duo to talk about transformation, focus, and options in our lives. 

It’s become very easy for days to blend together. Disruption is one way to introduce choice and perspective into our working sessions and day-to-day interactions. The MURAL Summary that Martin culminated the conversation with proposed that:

The disappearance of randomness and perspective combined with our general alignment to routine results in a loss of purpose. And without that sense of purpose, common sense begins to fade. 

Opening ourselves to creativity, visual thinking, and collaboration ensures that our purpose and feeling of worth continues to grow and evolve. Opportunity remains ever present. 

To dig into the profound details of randomness, disruption, and transformation, watch the full episode below.

Adopting company culture to change

Martin and Marshall tackle the idea of culture — and how the pandemic has shifted the perception of it.  Dave Ulrich, Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and Morten Hansen, Management Professor at University of California, Berkeley, joined in the conversation and shared their own unique perspectives of culture in a changing world.

Work used to be a place; it was an office building you went to, had meetings in, and eventually left to return home. That is by-and-large no longer the case, but boundaries still need to be set. And those boundaries are tied to culture. Consider a hybrid work model; it’s not new, but new at the scale it needs to be implemented. 

Culture is developed through social bonding — and it cannot be sustained on webcam conferences alone. Innovations in engagement need to occur, helping foster scale and continuous building of company culture. A model shared in this installment’s MURAL Summary explains:

Experts need to lead experts through coaching and example. There also needs to be an asynchronous approach to work, allowing leaders and team members the ability to learn the inner workings of other teams’ processes. 

By combining coaching and learning, organizations need to layer in value and purpose to develop truly cross-functional synergy across teams. 
As informal interactions become less frequent, leaders need to inspire their workforce about their purpose. To learn how you can start working more collaboratively today, explore MURAL today with our free forever plan. And to hear more, watch the full episode below.

Consideration in planning and communication

Martin and Marshall invited Thomas Ranese, Uber’s VP of Global Marketing and Social Impact, and Chris Brogan, strategist and brand advisor, to discuss the importance of planning and communication — in general and in case operations go awry. 

The key theme starts with listening to not only your audience, but your teams and coworkers internally, as well. Our day-to-day work depends more and more on the ability to be Agile, working in tandem with others asynchronously, and over-communicating.  

Martin and the group began developing steps for addressing organizational hiccups. Below are just a few that came out of the MURAL Summary.

  • Social listening: Have your ears "on the ground" to truly hear and understand the perception of you, your team, and your brand.
  • Situation review: It’s not about what you say, but rather what you don’t say. If there are gaps or questions no one in the greater group is addressing, it’s likely worth talking about them.
  • Assigned task force: Work as cross-functionally as you can to streamline processes and come to thoughtful decisions quickly. 
  • Go above & beyond: Set expectations and meet them. The mantra of "under promise, over deliver" may be cliche, but it can help reach milestones in your workshops internally and externally.
  • Dial up internal updates: Look inward to your organization’s culture, always. Value transparency and exercise over communication so your team knows what is coming and what is happening. 

To hear more, watch the full episode below. 

Visionary leadership in a hybrid world

In this episode, the pair invited Sasja Beslik, Head of Sustainable Finance Development at Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd., and Erica Dhawan, author and entrepreneur, to discuss how leadership has changed (and continues to do so) in our hybrid world. 

The way we work needs a refresh. The group covered four key skills to focus on based on Erica’s model of digital body language:

  • Value visibly. Regardless of role, consider every employee’s and teammate’s inbox, time, and schedule. Offer asynchronous opportunities for people to contribute and learn. 
  • Communicate carefully. The frequency in which we talk to one another has to be higher and more engaging. It’s critical to make what was once implicit, explicit.
  • Collaborate confidently. The traditional way meetings have been conducted needs a redesign with a culture of engagement in mind. 
  • Trust totally.Tying back to emotion, we need to assume good intent and offer more forums for open discussion.

To hear more, watch the full episode below. 


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