Introducing Mural Community & Mural Learning

Written by 
Paul Estes
May 3, 2021

Late last year when I came aboard MURAL as Chief Community Officer, I set out to support, educate, and empower the vibrant community of MURAL Imagination Workers™ by connecting them with peers, partners, and experts.

Today, I’m proud to announce the next step in our journey connecting you to your peers and providing you with educational resources to up your visual collaboration game. 

Our new MURAL Community (beta) will provide an inclusive, engaging, and fun space to connect, share ideas, and inspire one another to work better — together. I know that once teams are free to collaborate easily and visually, the barriers to activating talent and expertise disappear and imagination can flourish. The MURAL Community aims to be a creative space for those conversations so that members can unlock new ideas, solve hard problems, and innovate faster.

I’ve long realized that members need more than a product license and a good luck pat on the back to truly get value out of the products they use or the new product features they are often introduced to. MURAL Learning (beta) aims to help our new and existing members ascend the learning curve of facilitation, collaboration, and visual thinking. From there, you can unlock your own potential as facilitators, product planning wizards, design sprint pros, and much, much more. 

A community space built for connection and collaboration

MURAL Community provides you with a network of support, best practices, and guidance around all aspects of visual collaboration. With multiple categories around subjects like facilitation, templates, industry trends, and more — you have an abundance of open doors into deeper conversations around your current projects, ideas you just want to bounce off of fellow facilitators, or even the intricacies of using MURAL as an educational tool in the classroom.


💡 “If someone was to ask me to wave a magic wand and ask for something that would make my work life better, I would have said Reddit for MURAL — this Community is even better!”
– Nico Valencia, Head of Programming, Corporate Responsibility, Intuit


We aim to push the boundaries of collaboration with every aspect of the MURAL Community by providing an engaging, ever-evolving, and inclusive space for members to connect and innovate, together. Our talented community team and MURAL product managers will be actively engaging with this space regularly, bringing important conversations to light, as well as advocating for product improvements based on the innovative feature ideas submitted and upvoted by our members. This is a unique opportunity for members to help shape the future of MURAL by sharing their experiences and helping make our solution even better.

Build your visual collaboration skills with MURAL Learning

Whether you’ve got four minutes, a lunch break, or an entire evening, our learning content offers impactful, efficient lessons on how to use MURAL straight from our experts and experienced community members. We have the insights you need to get you and your team onboarded quickly in order to jumpstart innovation. This new learning destination is a place for you to continue to elevate your visual collaboration and facilitation skills with all the content you need to jumpstart innovation.

Centered around core focus areas like facilitating meetings and workshops, strategy and planning, and brainstorming and ideation — simply choose an area of interest and find curated instructional videos, documentation, and templates.

💡 “This launch of MURAL Learning represents our first step in delivering personalized content to meet our members where they are in their visual collaboration journey. We aim to make it easier for people to reach their outcomes more efficiently, and in essence to help them get their work done better and faster.”
– Stephanie Sasser, Head of Learning at MURAL

Bring your ideas to life and flex your visual thinking skills with MURAL Learning today to solve hard problems and reach new heights with your team tomorrow. 

About the authors

About the authors

Paul Estes

Paul Estes

MURAL's first Chief Community Officer (Senior Vice President serving on the MURAL executive team).

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