October 27, 2021

Less Prep, More Productivity: Improve Meetings With MURAL Templates Recap

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Together with Emilia Åström, Learning Experience Lead at MURAL, we took you through the process of identifying templates and methods to help address common meeting setbacks.

Each session we covered different types of meetings and workshops including project kickoffs, campaign planning, all-hands, and ice breakers. Our team shared how you can reimagine your typical meetings with new methods to increase collaboration and productivity! Watch the recaps and see their templates below. 

All-Hands with Laïla von Alvensleben

We’re all-hands in this together! This session, MURAL’s Head of Culture and Collaboration, Laïla von Alvensleben, joined Emilia Åström, to share the secrets to MURAL’s All-Hands template

Click on the image above to get started using this template.

Laïla and Emilia discussed the secret sauce to what makes an all-hands meeting effective and engaging. Watch the replay now to learn how to make the most out of this template!

Team Kick-Off with Jim Kalbach Replay

Ready? Set? Kick-off! If you have a project that’s ready to go but you don’t know where to start — watch the replay for this Template Talk session, featuring MURAL expert facilitator and Chief Evangelist, Jim Kalbach. 

In this replay, Emilia and Jim will walk you through MURAL’s General Kick-Off template and help you get your team’s buy-in from the very beginning!


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Marketing Campaign Planning Template with Jessica Zech

You’ve got the marketing strategy — we’ve got the template! During this session of Template Talk, Emilia was joined by Jessica Zech, Manager of Integrated Campaigns at MURAL.

Jessica and Emilia walked us through MURAL’s Marketing Campaign Planning template and how we can develop our go-to-market strategies and plan campaigns cross-functionally.  

marketing campaign planning template
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Angel Custodio

Senior Events Marketing Manager @ MURAL

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