Collaboration design: where everyone’s ideas matter — webinar recap

Written by 
Bryan Kitch
May 13, 2022

Inviting versatile ideas into the room

We know collaboration is key to opening the feedback loop and making innovative breakthroughs. But how do we invite versatile ideas into the room?

In this webinar, Emilia Åström and Jim Kalbach of MURAL share how you can put people first and design for all capabilities, and design collaboration to help everyone feel like they’re included and contributing ideas. 

Use this proven method to strategize, innovate, and create your best solutions. Get started with our Pre-Work and Icebreaker Templates with a free account today.

About the author

About the authors

Bryan Kitch

Bryan Kitch

Content Marketing Manager
Bryan is a Content Marketing Manager @ MURAL. When he's not writing or working on content strategy, you can usually find him outdoors.

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