May 5, 2021

How Do You Stay In Sync With Async Work? — Webinar Recap

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How do you stay in sync with async work? banner featuring Anique Drumright, VP of product at Loom

“Let’s just work async!” Today, this phrase is synonymous with how teams work.

Technology has untethered teams from time, making it possible for collaboration to happen at a distance. But what does it mean to work asynchronously? How do teams solve hard problems together when the understanding happens not all at once, but bit by bit?

Anique Drumright, VP of product at Loom has the secrets to successful async work. Watch the webinar replay to discover how teams can effectively and productively unbundle collaboration from time and place, including:

  • What makes async collaboration so hard
  • The role responsibility plays in successful async work
  • Tips your team can take today to make async easier

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Async to regain control of your day
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