November 18, 2021

6 Templates To Set Your Team Up for Success in the New Year

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As we round the corner to 2022, the main focus for most teams is on planning. What’s coming in the new year? What do our objectives look like? What resources do we need to reach them?  

However, it’s just as important for teams to look back as it is to look forward. After all, how can you effectively plan without understanding what is and isn’t working, first? 

In an effort to make this huge task slightly less scary, we’ve rounded up some helpful templates to not only kick off your planning for the new year but assist you in reflecting on and celebrating all that you’ve accomplished this year. Because the sooner we can plan, the sooner we can look forward to devouring all the delicious holiday dishes. Cheers! 


An organized and thorough retrospective is the best way to ensure its success. Teams that conduct structured retrospectives find them to be 25 percent more effective. Huzzah!

 Some questions you should consider discussing with your team include:

  • What went really well this year? 
  • What didn’t go as expected this year?
  • Where did we need more support?
  • What tools proved indispensable to us? 

Useful retrospective templates

I like, I wish, I wonder: This template will help your team reflect on what they liked about past projects and what they wish to apply to future ones. Synthesize feedback, record action items, and even design your own badges to give out to your team. 

I like, I wish, I wonder template

Stop, Start, Continue: This template provides your team with the space to evaluate what is currently going well, what can be improved, and what they’re hoping to do in the future. This template encourages engagement through fun reactions and a way to gauge your team’s mindset during the exercise. 

stop start continue retro


Hey! You! Your team worked hard this year. They deserve to party.

Ok, so maybe remote work has made it challenging to pop champagne with colleagues, but there are ways you can celebrate virtually! Sending a nice gift, a thank you card, or sometimes even just a shoutout in a meeting or on Slack can give your team the warm fuzzies. 

Useful celebration templates

Team Feast: 🚨  WARNING 🚨 this template will make you hungry! Gather around the team table in this fun icebreaker exercise where members can take turns sharing upcoming holiday celebrations and favorite culinary traditions. Mangiamo! 

Team Feast

White Elephant Deluxe: Celebrate the spirit of the holidays (virtually, of course) with your team by playing this fun (GIF)ting game. But beware of the rules, for if they are broken, a virtual elephant will sit on you. 

white elephant deluxe


Now the fun begins. Get ahead of the new year by making clear and actionable plans and objectives. Align on goals, build transparency, identify resources, and understand dependencies so your team hits the ground running in 2022. 

Useful planning templates: 

Big Room Quarterly Planning: Answer the big questions and make the big decisions using this handy Quarterly Planning template. This offers a space to interact in breakout sessions, build in-depth roadmaps, and connect all objectives together so that all teams are aligned. 

big room quarterly planning template

OKR Planning: One of our most popular templates to use for planning. Use this template to brainstorm, prioritize, and deliver measurable goals for your team.  

OKR planning template

👉  If you’re looking for even more planning templates, click here

Gearing up for the new year

Take stock in everything you’ve accomplished this year — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Celebrate the wins and remember that failure is just feedback. But starting off on the right foot is imperative to hit the ground running in the new year. 


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