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Round robin template

An engaging activity where people build on each other’s ideas

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About this Round Robin template

This Round Robin template, built by the LUMA Institute, guides you through a collaborative session where every team member contributes multiple ideas, making it great for brainstorming and exploration.

Benefits of running a Round Robin session

Brainstorming sessions can sometimes mean that only the loudest voices in the room contribute their ideas. The Round Robin template from LUMA avoids this issue by encouraging participation from every attendee, and fosters collaboration and empathy by having each team member build on one another’s ideas.

How to use the Round Robin template

Follow these steps to have a successful Round Robin:

  • Identify a challenge you’re looking to tackle with a team approach
  • Divide your group into teams of 4 people
  • Have each person write down a proposal for a solution
  • Once each person has proposed a solution, have them move to the next poster to the right
  • Looking at what their teammates have suggested, have each person come up with reasons why their proposed solutions might fail
  • Once each person has identified possible weaknesses, have them move to the poster to the right once again
  • Looking at both the proposed solution and the possible weaknesses suggested above, have each person craft a final concept incorporating the feedback

How to create a Round robin template

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