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Problem prioritization template

Discover & prioritize your team's next big opportunity

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Which project should we tackle next? Which opportunity should we run our next sprint on? How do we involve the team when prioritizing but avoid bias and groupthink?

Radical prioritization facilitates alignment, a unified vision about opportunities that will create business impact and customer value.

Use this template to quickly prioritize the top opportunities your team should tackle next.

Create a mural in your workspace from the template below:

Template tutorial:

Watch this video for a quick overview of how to use the Problem Prioritization Template:

The Problem Prioritization Toolkit:

And now you can learn exactly how to lead the activities within this template from the creators, New Haircut. They've packaged up all of the complementary, do-it-yourself resources inside their Problem Prioritization Toolkit.

By downloading the toolkit, you'll additionally receive:

  • Facilitator's Guide: a detailed playbook to help you prepare and lead your team through the workshop
  • Team Presentation Deck: help your team stay informed and on track with this complementary, fully-editable slide deck (.key & .ppt)
  • Instructional Videos: coaching and step-by-step instruction to help you feel ready to lead the process and use all of the materials

→ Get the toolkit here.

How to create a Problem prioritization template

Problem prioritization template frequently asked questions

New Haircut

Template by New Haircut


New Haircut is an innovation strategy firm that uses design thinking to help teams unlock their next big idea.

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