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Design thinking canvas template

Use it to choose your project’s destination, plan the best route.

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The Design Thinking Canvas is your map. Use it to choose your project’s destination, plan the best route to get there, create detailed directions for safe travel, and record your progress as you go.

Structure a project kick-off using the Design Thinking Canvas by visiting each of the four corners in the template (People, Vision, Challenges, Impact). Use it to align upon the project destination or brief. As your map unfolds, use supporting methods – like developing a Stakeholder Map to investigate People – to zoom in and explore areas of the canvas in more detail.

Plot the path between where you are starting and where you need to go. Use the Design Thinking Canvas to create an action plan and select additional templates you'll use to discover, define, develop, and ultimately deliver value to the people you serve.

The Design Thinking Canvas is your repeatable framework to identify the right project brief, support collaboration with stakeholders, and maximize your investment in design thinking.

See completed use cases of the Design Thinking Canvas in action:

  • Using the Vision, Impact, People, and Challenges sections to clarify the purpose of a potential project (what we call a ‘Purpose Primer’). View Mural
  • Assessing the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of an initiative (akin to a SWOT Analysis). View Mural
  • Planning a selection of LUMA design methods to use on a project and plotting the plan across the stages of the Canvas. View Mural
“The Design Thinking Canvas encapsulates an ongoing series of conversations from your first moment of inspiration to your product or service launch.”

💡 Mark Tippin | Head of Learning Experiences, MURAL

How to create a Design thinking canvas template

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What Could Be

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Established in 2010, What Could Be are at the forefront of the design thinking movement. They help businesses and public sector organizations around the globe realize the value of design, not only through brand development, product design, or service delivery, but in terms of innovation, change, and true organizational impact.

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