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A brainstorm method tailored for async collaboration

Lead productive and engaging brainstorms with guided methods and features from Mural that make sure everyone's best ideas come to life.

Run a successful brainstorming session with these 7 rules of successful brainstorms. Create an environment that helps your team unlock their creativity.

Take group brainstorming sessions to another level with these 5 tips.

Use these 5 steps to plan and run effective brainstorming sessions. Generate new ideas, identify next steps, and turn ideas into actionable plans.

Learn how to leverage asynchronous brainstorming to collect better ideas in hybrid and remote work environments, and get better work done with your team.

Brainstorming is such a creative process, that it can get out of hand. Learn how to structure your brainstorms so you can leave the creativity to the ideas.

Brainstorming helps generate new ideas, promote creative thinking, and foster team-building. Use these brainstorming techniques to land on your next idea.

Discover effective methods, techniques, and tools for better brainstorming. Learn how Mural's resources can help managers and teams run successful brainstorms in this comprehensive guide.

Fact: Visual thinking is a key part of brainstorming.

Rolestorming helps teams bring imagination to the brainstorming process. Learn how to use brainstorming to unlock your team’s creativity.

Asking good questions is the first step of a successful brainstorm. Learn how to write good brainstorming questions and get inspiration from these 25 examples.

Use reverse brainstorming to build momentum with your ideas, then switch it up and unlock problem-solving with your team!

Join Jori MacNaught, senior instructor at LUMA, as she shares how to lead a round robin brainstorm that invites input and engagement from all team members equitably — while generating outside-the-box thinking.

Get the tips and tricks to run effective virtual brainstorming and ideation exercises.

Rapid ideation helps teams brainstorm and share ideas more quickly. Learn how to use this brainstorming technique to develop more ideas, faster.

Learn how to use the round robin technique to run a quick brainstorming exercise. Use the round robin technique to help your team collaborate and ideate.

Run better brainstorming sessions with customizable templates for the most popular brainstorming methods. Kickstart brainstorming and ideation, collect creative ideas from team members, and level-up problem-solving with your team. Get started with Mural’s templates.

Brainstorm and prioritize concepts as a team. Use our brainstorm/idea board template to jumpstart your collaborative ideation process.

Learn how to use the brain-netting technique to conduct better brainstorms and collect new ideas with your team members.