February 3, 2016

Jumpstart Team Creativity with Remote Design Sprints: Webinar Recap

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Today, we are expected to be both fast and flexible. We need to react to changes at a moment’s notice and always be ready to pivot our course of action.

Understanding how we need to change, and why, comes from creative activities like user research. But working fast can make it hard to find the time for this kind of creative work.


That’s where design sprints come in. These concentrated bursts of team collaboration mean getting together for days or a week to focus on a specific design challenge. Design sprints are intense, but are usually very productive.

But what happens if your team is remote?

In this free webinar, designer Laïla von Alvensleben from the design agency Hanno shares her insights on conducting design sprints with a remote team. Her advice is based on years of research and practical experience with clients like Uber and Lenovo.

We know remote design can be daunting, so we’ve brought Laïla to the spotlight to ease our fears and show us how to have speed, quality design and a distributed team.

View the entire webinar on YouTube:

See the slides for more details and the examples she shared with us:

Of course, MURAL plays a large role in Hanno’s ability to design remotely. Here are a few examples of how they work with MURAL:


If you'd like to inquire about a workshop on how to run remote sessions, please contact with Jim or Laïla directly:


Here are some resources to help you better understand design sprints and remote collaboration:


Laïla is a designer with Hanno, a distributed team of UX designers that helps startups and social businesses grow. She is committed to bringing remote design thinking to changemakers around the world. Laïla tweets at @lailavona


Jim Kalbach

Jim Kalbach is MURAL's Chief Evangelist. A noted author, speaker, and instructor in customer experience, experience design, digital transformation, and strategy, Jim’s book, The Jobs To Be Done Playbook, offers techniques organizations can follow to turn market insight into action.

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