February 2, 2020

Success Story: How Hanno Runs Remote Design Sprints with MURAL

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Their story

Hanno is a team of 11 designers from all over the globe who work remotely on every project. Design thinking is an underlying mindset across everything they do, but it's a challenge to collaborate visually and carry out design thinking methods with their team geographically distributed.

Laïla leads the Hanno team through remote design sprints using MURAL, which allows everyone to be involved in the design process while saving time and travel costs associated with in-person workshops.

Currently, there are very few online tools that replicate the experience that’s similar to what a real space would offer. One of these that does get close to what you’d get from a real space is MURAL.
Head of Culture & Collaboration, MURAL

How they do it

  • Create templates in advance for each section of the design sprint
  • Invite people to contribute before meetings, to maximize together-time
  • Use MURAL to collaborate visually with their dispersed team
  • Continue adding content to murals in between work sessions

🚀  Pro tip: Run your own remote design sprints with our Remote Design Sprint template.

Update: Läila is currently the Head of Culture and Collaboration at MURAL. Interested in joining our team of global imagination workers? Check out our careers page and apply today!

Laïla von Alvensleben

Laïla is a remote work coach and UX designer. She helps distributed teams improve their collaboration practices and cultivate a remote working culture that will enable them to work from anywhere. Laïla tweets at @lailavona

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