Mural Community week in review | May 14th

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Lindsay Olson
May 14, 2021

Our first official week in the new MURAL Community is in the books, and we are off to an unforgettable start. 🏡 It’s nice to be in a space and realize that everyone there has similar questions, and similar puzzles as you! Below are some recent threads from the community. Take a look around, and if you stop by the community, be sure to say "hi!" 👋

A graphic depicting a neighborhood with the text Week in review: 05/15/2021

Onboarding, detractors, and stickies, oh my!

One example of this is our most popular thread: What are some of the ways you are onboarding clients into MURAL? This discussion not only highlights tips and tricks but also provides some interesting insights on ascending the learning curve of visual collaboration.

👉  How are you onboarding clients into MURAL?

As a Community Manager, I am not supposed to have favorites. I just have to break my own rule, just this once, and tell you that this is my favorite discussion so far; something I truly didn’t realize everyone else was also dealing with as facilitators: super vocal detractors in a workshop

👉  What are some of your tips for dealing with vocal detractors in a workshop?

Lastly, I want you all to have a chance to vote on our most popular Feature Idea proposal: Fix stickies color for a complete mural or an area. Our Product Managers hang out in the community all the time and are commenting on this thread as iterations and votes come in.

👉  Vote for the most popular feature idea proposal now.


This, of course, is just a sneak peek into our first week! We will have many, many more of these so stay tuned! 

About the authors

About the authors

Lindsay Olson

Lindsay Olson

Lindsay Olson is a Community Manager at MURAL, based in Portland, OR. Lindsay specializes in community strategy, people-centric spaces, and visual collaboration.

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