Make it a mural,
not just a meeting

Level up your teamwork with an intuitive digital whiteboard built for teams to do their best work together.

Mural software screenshot showing a brainstorming session

There are lots of places where people can get together and throw stickies on the wall.

But if you really want to move the needle, it’s time to change more than where your team works.

Change your how

Give your team the chance to make exceptional work with Mural, the only complete system that offers both a place to collaborate and guidance to hone your team’s collaboration skills.

With Mural, you’ll see faster progress, better ideas, happier teams, and more consistently excellent results.

That’s happy work.

Here’s how to


Better than a mindmap? Our team brainstorming templates will bring more minds to the table and turn good ideas into extraordinary work.

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Energizers and icebreakers help your team feel connected and open-minded so they can tackle big problems.

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Sharing a strategic plan improves people’s sense of safety and expectation, leaving more brain space for creativity and innovation.

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Honest retrospectives help your team get better and be happier over time.

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Hundreds of options for whatever your team needs.

"MURAL has been critical in deploying IBM Design Thinking across the whole company. We now have people in more than 50 countries collaborating daily.”

Phil Gilbert | IBM
Phil Gilbert
Head of IBM Design

"We went from collaborating on whiteboards in person to working remotely, and our customers, partners, and internal teams don't always share a common set of tools. We needed a flexible, easy way to collaborate visually among all parties - and we found that with Mural."

Stephen Goetzner | Steelcase
Stephen Goetzinger
Chief Product Owner

"Mural enhances our ability to create a safe space for people to collaborate and contribute, whether they’re introverted or extroverted, in person or remote. Meetings are more engaging and inclusive, and ultimately, diverse perspectives lead to more innovative, impactful solutions.”

Bo Storozuk | Jacobs
Bo Storozuk
Strategic Learning & Talent Management Consultant

"If it's just several days of one-way monologues, that's not incredibly engaging. It doesn't facilitate the type of teamwork and collaboration we needed. We needed a way for everyone to connect and interact with one another."

James Picket | Thoughtworks
James Pickett
Principal, Advisory Services

"It’s not often we find tools that can operate in the highly regulated environments in which we work. MURAL has allowed our teams to seamlessly collaborate with our clients and engage with them in a whole new way.”

Meghan Byrnes Borderan | Capco
Meghan Byrnes Borderan
Head of Design

“The logistics were wildly complex. It was a multiday, interactive conference. If someone got lost amidst dozens of concurrent sessions, how would they reorient themselves? The goal became ease and transparency.”

Nathan Lucy | Booz Allen
Nathan Lucy
Design Strategy Lead

“MURAL is the tool that fuels our remote design studios at GitHub. For us, design studios are an alignment tool for our distributed marketing team. They enable us to rally around a shared understanding of the customer challenge and proposed solution so we can move forward with confidence together. We couldn’t do that without MURAL.”

Jeremy Brady | GitHub
Jeremy Brady
Creative Director

“You need parity to the face-to-face experience to sustainably adopt hybrid working, so that being remote is not a barrier to productivity, inclusion, and belonging. And that requires a healthy work environment with a strong foundation of trust and safety.”

Rita Giacalone | Autodesk
Rita Giacalone
Vice President of Culture, Diversity, and Talent Development

For every kind of team

Get specialized templates and resources to meet your team’s specific needs.

Mural and LUMA System Logo Lockup

Mural is the only system that offers both a shared workspace and training on the LUMA System™, a practical way to collaborate that anyone can learn and apply.

With Mural and the LUMA System, you’ll be able to:


Help your team become confident and capable problem solvers.


Equip your team to effectively collaborate, think differently, and achieve business-driving outcomes.


Establish clear processes and structure for collaboration, while leaving room for creativity and innovation.

This powerful combination helps teams like yours improve how they work together.

How did SAPachieve a 400+% ROI?

By changing their how. After getting started with Mural, their workers saw greater flexibility and transparency, so people worked more efficiently and fewer left the company.

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Enterprise on lock

Leading enterprise collaboration for more than a decade


Enterprise-grade visibility makes it easy to meet information governance and risk-management standards.*


Centralized control and a flexible pricing model are designed to grow with your company’s needs.


Get on-demand, customized guidance from our in-house customer success team.

*Mural employs rigorous measures in the areas of product security, infrastructure security, security monitoring, reliability, compliance, and privacy to keep your data safe. We maintain active SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 certifications, have achieved the FedRAMP “In Process” designation, and comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations.
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