Extraordinary teamwork made surprisingly simple

It's not just about where teamwork happens, it's about how.

We equip teams with the skills and technology they need to tackle complex challenges and imagine new possibilities — wherever they work.

Collaborate with confidence

We're the only solution that offers both a digital whiteboard collaboration space and training on the LUMA System, a practical way to collaborate that anyone can learn and apply.

This powerful combination helps teams like yours improve how they work together.
With Mural and the LUMA System, you'll be able to:
Help your team become confident and capable problem solvers.
Equip your team to effectively collaborate, think differently, and achieve business-driving outcomes.
Establish clear processes and structure for collaboration, while leaving room for creativity and innovation. 

Mural works everywhere your team works

Looking for a space to vibe with your team from anywhere? Bringing ideas together in a structured, inclusive, and limitless space for collaboration is the first step towards breaking down silos and energizing teams.
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