Prep Time:
Time to run:
1-3 hours

Thumbnail sketching template

Create small drawings to visually explore your ideas

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About this Thumbnail Sketch template

This Thumbnail Sketch template from the LUMA Institute allows you to immediately begin the process of brainstorming, with pre-built areas for topics and refinements.

Benefits of using a Thumbnail Sketch template

With this template, you’ll be able to begin immediately with the ideation and brainstorming phase rather than laying out a framework. Also, all your information will be saved in the same place, allowing your team to have a single resource to reference for action items and next steps.

How to run a Thumbnail Sketch brainstorming session

To run a successful Thumbnail Sketch session, you should:

  • Outline the topics you’ll be covering and offer clear expectations for how you’d like each attendee to craft their thumbnail sketches
  • Assign each person to a section of the MURAL template
  • Time-box each topic so that you move efficiently through the session
  • Encourage attendees to focus on capturing their ideas versus looking for perfect visuals

How to create a Thumbnail sketching template

Thumbnail sketching template frequently asked questions

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