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Team CliftonStrengths library template

Identify individual strengths to align your team culture.

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Each member of a team has different strengths and weaknesses. When we work together we can bring out the best in each other, learning while delivering. In order for team members to have the highest potential impact we need to know their weaknesses as well as their strengths.

Clifton is a service that provides skills assessment–they do this better than anyone today. This template leverages their service to help you drive better outcomes from your team.

Watch this video for an overview of the Team CliftonStrengths process:

How to create a Team CliftonStrengths library template

Team CliftonStrengths library template frequently asked questions

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Voltage Control is a facilitation agency that helps teams work better together with custom-designed meetings and workshops, both in-person and virtually. Their master facilitators offer trusted guidance and custom coaching to companies who want to transform ineffective meetings, reignite stalled projects, and cut through assumptions.

Based in Austin, Voltage Control designs and leads public and private workshops that range from small meetings to large conference-style gatherings.