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30 min

Selfie sketch template

Kick off your meeting with a fun, engaging activity

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When  team members feel genuinely relaxed and comfortable, they can unlock their true potential and do their best work. Use this template any time you want to break the ice before a meeting or workshop so you can continue on to a productive session.

The Selfie Sketch is an activity created by Ross Chapman of Etch as a fun and engaging way to kick off any meeting, especially with remote participants. In this energizer the participants sketch themselves at the same time.

How to create a Selfie sketch template

Selfie sketch template frequently asked questions

Etch Horizon

Template by Etch Horizon


Etch was specifically started to meet a growing need from companies needing to use a better way of working to help meet customer expectations of value.

Lead by Ross Chapman, who worked product-side for over a decade, they have the UX design expertise and problem solving experience to work with product teams at any stage.