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Go Broad to Go Narrow

Go Broad to Go Narrow

Go Broad to Go Narrow Template

Go Broad to Go Narrow

Focus on bold solutions.

Go Broad to Go Narrow generates lots of ideas before focusing on one great idea. We "go broad" by using our creativity to explore a variety of potential solutions. We “go narrow” by focusing on bold solutions most likely to delight our customers.

This template will guide you through best practices in going BIG with your ideas - getting past the immediate solutions that come to mind - and narrowing in on a solution to test. The following activities are included in this principle:

  • Creative brainstorming methods
  • Inclusive narrowing through 100pt exercise and 2x2 grid
  • Storyboarding your solution

Check out the Design for Delight toolkit to learn more about the full suite of methods available!

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