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Decision sprint template

Turn ideas into action in under two hours

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Accelerate your team’s progress with a decision sprint. Disrupt endless meetings and turn ideas into action in under two hours! The Decision Sprint is a battle-tested process that aligns your team around a challenge and guides them to develop and evaluate ideas, make decisions, and map next steps.

This template gives you the tools to drive decisions and make rapid progress on your next project, challenge, or team meeting. With a step-by-step guide of the Decision Sprint process, this template will help you facilitate engaging collaborative workshops for teams of up to 8 people.

When to sprint? Decision Sprints are great when you need to accomplish any of the following:

  • Gain team alignment
  • Develop and evaluate solutionsMake decisions and set priorities
  • Avoid unstructured conversation
  • Chart next steps and assign roles
  • Propel your project forward

Why sprint? In addition to kickstarting productivity, Decision Sprints can have the following impacts:

  • Eliminate unproductive meetings
  • Facilitate effective decision-making
  • Avoid people talking over one another
  • Capture and organize outputs in real time
  • Engage teams and reduce distraction
  • Ensure voices are heard and ideas are captured

Decision sprint template frequently asked questions

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