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Course introductions template

Get your students prepared to collaborate in MURAL

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With the MURAL MUSEUM of [Insert Course Title 🙂], you can create an intimate exhibition space for students (and you) to get to know their soon-to-be-classmates and share their expectations of the course. Not only will this template help deepen connections between students, it creates an artifact that you can reference and reflect upon as you move forward through your course. The process of asynchronously completing the museum will give students the opportunity to learn the basics of MURAL and set them up for success when they begin to visually collaborate as part of your course.

The halls of the museum include:

  1. Featured artist bios: Help us get to know you through a short bio, while practicing navigating the board.
  2. Words of wisdom: Share some timely wisdom with a quote or proverb that's been meaningful to you these days. Learn how to create a post-it, move it around, and change its color.
  3. Digital collage: Tell a story that shows us something important about you, but only with images. Practice how to insert, move, and manipulate images.
  4. Global media: Mark where you call home and learn how to search and add icons.
  5. Maps of minds: Create a diagram that maps how you're thinking about this course right now, including questions, things you're curious about, and anything else that comes to mind. Learn how to create diagrams with shapes, text, and connectors.
  6. Museum library: Contribute to our library with an article or video that's advanced your thinking in a significant way. Practice adding websites to the mural and hyperlinks to objects.
  7. Great expectations: State the most important things you'd like to take away from this class. They can be skill-based, learnings, deliverables, or anything else that's important to you. Practice creating stickies and commenting.

Remember: Any hall of the museum can be updated to better suit your specific course and group of students, just create the mural from the template and update the text boxes in the appropriate Exhibition Sections within the museum map. We hope you and your students have fun getting to know each other while learning MURAL!

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