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Consumer trends canvas template

Turn consumer trends into business opportunities

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About the consumer trends canvas template

This template helps you gather and analyze insights about consumer trends and transform them into innovation and business opportunities. By noting trends, you can figure out the best way to leverage them into your consumer-facing business products and services.

Features of the consumer trends canvas template 

Use MURAL’s dynamic drag-and-drop features to make your consumer trend canvas customizable and easy to use within your team.  

Personalize with icons and colors

Personalize and categorize your notes with color to easily keep track of different ideas. Each sticky note can also be customized with personalized icons to tailor it to your project.  

Work in synchronization with your team

Work in synchronization with your teammates and use MURAL’s comments and chat features. You can leave comments for your teammates, and open conversations through chat to improve the template instantly. 

Drag-and-drop sticky notes

With MURAL’s templates, you can easily drag and drop sticky notes from one side to another. This helps teams collaborate together and engage in teamwork to develop insights into consumer trends. 

Include additional information on each sticky note

As well as writing down ideas on sticky notes, with MURAL’s template you can add more information to each note with supportive hyperlinks and task allocation tags, which saves your team time locating relevant resources.

How to use the consumer trends canvas template

Step 1

Choose a trend you want to analyze. Write the name of the trend at the top of your consumer trend canvas.

Step 2

Create six sections for different categories in this order:

  1. Basic needs
  2. Emerging customer expectations
  3. Drivers of change
  4. Inspiration
  5. Innovation potential
  6. Who

Step 3

For the first section, ‘basic needs,’ write down the different needs and desires that the trend fulfills for its customers on separate sticky notes.

Step 4

In the next section, ‘emerging customer biggest benefit of a consumer trends canvas is the focus on customer-centric interests, which helps pinpoint development insights and opportunities that are based on the features or factors that customers value. 

Step 5

In the ‘drivers of change’ section, ask why this trend is emerging now. Write down what factors contributed to the rise of a new trend. Consider if it’s long-term, how widespread the change expands, or if it’s due to technology.

Step 6

In the section titled ‘inspiration,’ write down what competitors have done with the trend.

Step 7

In the ‘innovation potential’ section, write how and where you could apply the new trend to your business.

Step 8

Lastly, in the final section for who, define which customer the new change or trend applies to. Consider what feature or product you’d change to create an innovative product that your customer values.

How to create a Consumer trends canvas template

MURAL features to collaborate and innovate faster

Identify consumer behavior and sentiment with your team using MURAL's collaboration features.
Sticky notes & text

Sticky notes & text

Add ideas, action items, and more as a sticky note or text box — then change the colors and cluster to identify patterns and new solutions.

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Real-time collaboration

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Infinite & resizable canvas options

Infinite & resizable canvas options

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Presentation mode

Presentation mode

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TrendWatching helps forward-thinking businesses understand the new customer and unlock compelling, profitable innovation opportunities. They discover trends happening in local global markets and apply that knowledge to be used by companies in their own space.

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