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Collaborative presentation template

Brainstorm, build, and deliver an engaging presentation.

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A well-designed and comprehensive presentation is important in getting your point across or sharing new information with your audience. It is critical to outline what you would like to say, provide sufficient information accompanied by visuals and storytelling, all while leaving an emotional impact. MURAL can be used to make presentations interactive, and allow you to invite your audience in and engage with them in new ways.

Start by brainstorming solo or with a group. Solidify your topic and dive deep into the potential points and supporting information you would like to include. Define who your audience will be and how you would like to engage them throughout your presentation.

Next, prioritize the points and moments for collaboration so you can make sure to include your most impactful content and get rid of the "fluff".

An important part of presenting is the story arc that you develop to best deliver your content. Use the story arcs in the Craft a Powerful Presentation template by IDEO U to discover what story will best get your point across. Will you start with the problem and then provide your solution? Or vice versa? It's up to you.

Once you have your story arc decided on, quickly outline your presentation and use color to differentiate the content delivery moments and moments of collaboration. Now that you have created the basic outline it should be easy to start building out your final presentation.

Use the presentation elements provided to build out your presentation. If you would prefer to build out slides in a different platform, you can do so and import them as images into the MURAL and then intersperse the collaboration areas throughout the presentation.

Before you present, make sure to use the outline to hide the brainstorm and presentation elements sections to give your mural a clean look. Then invite your audience in, share with them how they will be participating, and deliver a unique and memorable presentation.

Watch Felicia's walkthrough of the template below:

How to create a Collaborative presentation template

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Felicia Renelus

Template by Felicia Renelus

Masters Student, UC Berkeley,
Masters Student, UC Berkeley

Felicia Renelus is a MURAL Student Ambassador who is currently pursuing her Masters of Design at UC Berkeley. She received her undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science at Brown University. Felicia's interests are in neuroaesthetics, speculative design and overall digital and tangible design for health and wellness!