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Class lecture toolkit template

Engage students with collaborative lectures.

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The Class Lecture Toolkit contains all of the building blocks you need to structure your murals for any class lecture, with the freedom to customize the canvas to fit your teaching style and the flexibility to continue to deliver your course material, whether you're teaching in-person, virtual, or hybrid!

Easily add course materials (PDFs/documents, videos, websites, links to your LMS, and more), quizzes, homework assignments, and individual student or group MURAL projects.

Start your class off with a warm-up to get your students engaged and having fun (go here for ideas!). Then move into your lecture material now that you know everyone’s eyes are on the mural. Already have your lecture prepared in a presentation? No problem! Just take screenshots of your slides and add them directly into your lecture mural and use Presentation mode to navigate. But most importantly, use this template to create interactive exercises and activities to engage your students directly with the material you are presenting. Our Facilitation Superpowers are designed to help you lead your class through your lecture, visualize ideas, and create a more inclusive and participatory learning experience!

No more clearing the class whiteboard and losing anything. Each lecture mural becomes an artifact that you and your students can return to after the class and can help you build continuity throughout your course. 

Incorporate real-time feedback to help you gauge how your students are doing, what's working well and what isn't, and quickly adapt as needed.

With the MURAL Class Lecture Toolkit, you’ll have everything you need to quickly prepare your lecture and drive deeper student engagement and learning in your classroom!

Curious how to get started with this template? Watch the template walkthrough.

This template was a collaboration between MURAL and Barbara Elashoff, Instructor for Introductory Biostatistics at UC Berkeley Extension School. Watch the video below to learn how Barbara used the Class Lecture Toolkit in her class.

Explore Barbara's completed version of the template for inspiration.

Click the image above to explore Barbara's completed Class Lecture Template

How to create a Class lecture toolkit template

Class lecture toolkit template frequently asked questions

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