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Business readiness map template

Prepare your project for Go-Live

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Provides a summary of key activities to be completed before key stakeholders can sign-off a project / initiative for go-live.

Why do we use it?

This template provides a snapshot of an initiative’s readiness for go-live and any immediate post-live activities.

The readiness overviews:

  • Business Readiness – ability to launch the initiative/program
  • Employee Readiness – our people are aware, prepared and confident to launch
  • Prepare for monitoring activity post go-live/transition to BAU

The business readiness map is designed to report progress, awareness and visibility for working groups, key stakeholders & Steer Co.

When do we use it?

Should be developed at the beginning of the Execution phase of project delivery to help track, monitor and assess business readiness to launch/go-live with the initiative.

Helps drive awareness and decision making of progress across the program.

It can also be used for reporting and removal of roadblocks in the program’s Steering Committee.

How to create a Business readiness map template

Business readiness map template frequently asked questions

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