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Today more than ever, clients have sky-high expectations of consultants and vendors. They demand highly personalized engagements that drive value quickly. They want to contribute and collaborate, but keeping everyone engaged and aligned is a challenge.

What it Takes to Make Hybrid Work Ebook Cover

Use this cheat sheet to make your client collaboration more engaging and productive — without reinventing the wheel. Keep it in your back pocket to:

  • Take your digital meetings and workshops to the next level
  • Quickly prepare for (and follow up after) each client meeting
  • Kickstart client collaboration with premade templates built for consultants and client-facing teams
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What it Takes to Make Hybrid Work Ebook Cover

Navigating the new world of hybrid work requires organizations to reexamining assumptions about what work means — and where it happens. How do you set up people and places — as well as digital spaces — so that your teams can do their best work?

The team at MURAL has worked with hybrid and distributed teams since 2011. Along the way, much has been learned about what it takes for effective “Work-From-Anywhere” collaboration.

Use this guide to get your team — and your organization — ready for hybrid by:

  • Solving for collaboration, clarity, and inclusion & engagement
  • Navigating the "here vs. there" dilemma
  • Thinking through the 5Ps for making hybrid work

Welcome to the new world of hybrid work.