Over 1,000 nonprofit organizations turn to visual collaboration in Mural to advance important work

Nonprofit organizations embrace visual thinking to imagine together and innovate amidst remote work environment

January 5, 2021

MURAL, the leading digital workspace for visual collaboration in the enterprise, announced its MURAL for Good nonprofit program has implemented its 1,000th digital workspace. The program, launched in June of 2020, grants qualifying nonprofit organizations free membership to the company’s visual collaboration platform to help global changemakers imagine together from anywhere. 

According to Mariano Suarez-Battan, co-founder and CEO of MURAL, “Nonprofit teams work tirelessly to improve the world day in and day out. These changemakers rely on collaborative spaces to imagine together and innovate, yet in the context of the pandemic, this work became especially hard. MURAL hoped to support these organizations by making our software available to nonprofits for free. We’re humbled and proud to hear how global teams are using MURAL to advance their critical work. To all of the nonprofits in our program, it is inspiring how you constantly bring passion and purpose into everyday work, collaborate globally, and create and innovate through the lens of empathy, all while executing on a tight timeline and budget. And you get it done. Thank you for making this world a better place. It is a privilege to support and learn from you.”

MURAL for Good has grown exponentially since its inception only six months ago, activating 4,000 members who are engaging with 61,000+ guests in activities like virtual workshops, training sessions and program/service delivery. More than 21,000 murals have been created by participating organizations.

A wide range of nonprofit organizations, including Inneract Project, a group dedicated to empowering under-represented youth through design classes and initiatives, are members of the program. Maurice Woods, founder and executive director of Inneract Project and principal design lead at Microsoft, recently commented, “MURAL has been a resourceful tool in helping us organize, collaborate, and facilitate discussions internally with committee teams for future programs and externally for partner programs where we are directly working with students who are using it for drawing, icebreakers, brainstorming ideas, and creating group designs. I thoroughly enjoy partnering with them and look forward to using their product more in the future!" MURAL has also donated $25,000 to support the Inneract Project.

Other participating nonprofit organizations include AST, Project Adventure, and the Aga Khan Foundation. According to Munir Ahmad of Aga Khan Foundation, "We are stimulating the co-creation of impactful next-generation solutions to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve. This can only be achieved by creating a collaborative and inclusive innovation ecosystem. During the pandemic, MURAL became a critical tool for our teams to keep working collaboratively in an efficient way and put their creative ideas into action.”

MURAL plans to continue to grow its MURAL for Good program in 2021 and welcomes other nonprofits to apply to the program. To learn more, visit mural.co/nonprofits.

Media Contact:
Leah Taylor — Public Relations for MURAL
Leah Taylor, Public Relations for MURAL