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MURAL Delivers a 495% ROI according to Forrester Research

June 13, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- MURAL, a leading visual collaboration solution for modern organizations, unveiled a detailed analysis of the financial impact of MURAL when deployed in global companies. In the report "The Total Economic Impact™ Of MURAL," Forrester Research calculated a 495% ROI with a payback period of less than 6 months for IBM, a pioneer in human-centered design thinking and agile transformations. The results were driven by millions of dollars in total avoided costs and improved productivity of thousands of global team members. The full report is available at https://mural.co/impact/.

This case study of IBM, based on interviews and financial models, provides a framework to evaluate the economic impact and organizational benefits that companies can realize by leveraging MURAL for remote design thinking.

In particular, the report highlighted how MURAL helped IBM:

  • Enable the adoption of design thinking at scale
  • Increase the speed and productivity of project development
  • Reduce the costs and time associated with traveling
  • Maximize engagement from their global teams

Joni Saylor, Design Principal at IBM, stated that for a half-day workshop, "Rather than having people travel from all over the globe, we are setting it up on MURAL and will have everyone's attention for 4 hours."

"We wanted to validate the financial impact of MURAL with empirical evidence and at the scale of IBM," added MURAL's CEO and Co-Founder, Mariano Suarez-Battan. "Forrester confirmed that MURAL delivers an incredible ROI and enables and accelerates a cultural transformation."

This report expands on a separate Forrester study that identified how IBM's transformation to a design thinking culture has helped them go to market 2X faster and realize an ROI of 301%.


MURAL is a digital workspace that enables modern teams to think and collaborate in Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, and other methods – improving productivity, saving time, and reducing travel costs. Imagination Workers can better understand problems, visualize concepts, and align teams around solutions on a simple, playful, and productive cloud solution. MURAL workspaces combine visual thinking canvases to brainstorm, organize, design, and share concepts as well as tools for collaboration to align teams and make decisions. MURAL is SOC2 certified and serves global customers like IBM, Intuit, Autodesk, and Steelcase.

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