Mural supports European and Asia-Pacific customer growth with regional data residency

Enterprise plan customers can now designate where their visual collaboration data will be stored at no additional cost.

February 8, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — February 8, 2022 — MURAL, the leading provider of digital workspaces for guided visual collaboration, now offers European and Asia-Pacific (APAC) data residency capabilities for all Enterprise plan customers. These capabilities enable new and existing Enterprise plan customers to choose the region in which their visual collaboration data will be stored on a workspace-by-workspace basis. Regional data residency capabilities authorizes the company’s expanding European and APAC members, including those in highly regulated industries like financial services, government, and healthcare, to securely store their visual collaboration data locally while unlocking the full benefits of the MURAL platform globally.

MURAL is a shared digital workspace designed to support creative visual collaboration. The platform transforms teamwork by making meetings and workshops interactive experiences — either in-person, remote, or hybrid, whether work is happening together or asynchronously. The company currently supports over 95 percent of Fortune 100 companies and some of the most security-conscious industries. Regional data residency is MURAL’s latest enterprise product offering, giving global teams more control over where their data is stored.

“As teams around the world have transitioned to remote work models, it’s become critical to enable quick and secure access to data, tools, and other team members without compromising security and compliance — along with knowing where visual collaboration data is stored,” said MURAL’s Chief Information Security Officer, Colton Ericksen. “We are investing heavily in advancing our data residency capabilities to meet the needs of our customers no matter where they are located, so their teams can confidently drive innovation through secure collaboration.”

Initially, MURAL will offer data residency solutions for customers in Europe and APAC, as well as U.S. multinationals, for newly created workspaces. The company will continue to iterate and evolve on this offering to meet additional customer needs, such as support for new regions.

Data residency is offered at no additional cost to Enterprise plan customers and can be easily set up during the creation of a new workspace with help from MURAL’s Customer Success team

MURAL maintains active SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 9001 certifications and complies with GDPR. For more information on MURAL’s enterprise-grade security offerings and features, visit:


MURAL is the leading provider of digital workspaces for guided visual collaboration in the enterprise. Different from online whiteboarding and design software, the MURAL® platform transforms teamwork by making meetings and workshops interactive experiences designed for problem solving, play, and imagination. Consulting and innovation, product and information technology, and executive leadership teams collaborate visually with MURAL, using guided visual methods and Facilitation Superpowers™ features to innovate, strategize, plan, reflect, and build team trust in an inclusive way. With the MURAL platform, it’s easy to deploy at scale visual methods on especially complex, difficult collaborative work. Tens of thousands of teams at companies such as IBM, Intuit, Thoughtworks, and Atlassian use the MURAL platform to foster imaginative teamwork and turn shared ideas into a shared reality—at any time and from anywhere. Learn more at

Media Contact:
Leah Taylor — Public Relations for MURAL
Leah Taylor, Public Relations for MURAL