Introducing advanced identity management

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Josh Berman
January 10, 2022
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Unlock secure collaboration at scale with advanced identity management

MURAL is a powerful platform for enhancing teamwork. It can enable collaboration across an entire enterprise. With ever-increasing demands on IT admins, scaling and managing the use of MURAL should be easy while also providing the confidence that it meets the demands of  security conscious enterprises.

Enter MURAL’s advanced identity management solution. Built on top of our existing SCIM API and support for SSO, we’ve launched new integrations with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Okta as well as additional features to support the MURAL identity management lifecycle. MURAL’s advanced identity management solution not only make the lives of IT admins easier but will also support their ability to unlock secure collaboration at scale. 

MURAL's advanced identity management meets the full governance needs of IT admins.

Journey through the MURAL identity management lifecycle pictured above and you’ll draw parallels between it and the other applications you support. How MURAL differs is in our thoughtful approach to meeting the needs of IT admins at each step along the way. Read on to learn more about the new features and functionality which support this lifecycle from provisioning to deprovisioning and everything in between.

Integrate MURAL with Azure AD or Okta

Although businesses on the Enterprise plan can continue using MURAL's existing SCIM API and support for SSO, direct integrations with Azure AD and Okta enable automated member provisioning and deprovisioning and provide secure access to MURAL, helping to streamline these critical functions in the MURAL identity management lifecycle.

👉  The Okta connector is now available for Enterprise plans. The Azure AD connector is also now available for Enterprise plans.
👉  These connectors are also available for Business plans for administering SSO only. 
👉  Need to use an alternative identity provider? Custom configure SSO or enable SCIM via the MURAL SCIM API instead.

No access, no problem: Guide users on where to go after a failed access attempt

We've all felt the frustration of not being able to log into an application you need to do your job. It's equally frustrating not knowing how to solve this blocker or who at your organization can help. Now, when leveraging SCIM with JIT provisioning disabled, you can take away the guesswork for colleagues not yet provisioned access to MURAL by creating a custom landing page experience with copy that guides them to the appropriate channel (often your IT helpdesk) to retrieve a license.

👉  The customizable landing page feature is now available for Enterprise plans. Click here to learn more.

Double down on security for guests

Collaboration doesn’t occur in silos. Heck, it doesn’t just occur within your organization either. A huge value of MURAL is the ability to support visual collaboration with not only members of your organization, but also guests. But, in today’s evolving security threat landscape, it’s understandable that can come with some hesitancy. By requiring two-factor authentication (2FA) for guests not on SSO, you can provide an added layer of security to the authentication flow. This will help you rest easy as MURAL’s use case expands to involve those external to your organization.

👉  The require 2FA feature is now available for Enterprise plans. When SSO is not in use, it can be used to require 2FA for members as well. Click here to learn more.

Bring added security to the logout flow

Just as SSO supports secure authentication into applications, many companies are placing greater safeguards around the logout process as well. This is particularly the case in airline and service industries where shared workstations are the norm. With the ability to customize the logout URL on the Enterprise plan, you can help ensure sessions are safely terminated to avoid piggybacking onto an account and to generate a log of this event for compliance and governance purposes.

👉  The custom logout URL feature is now available on Enterprise plans. Click here to learn more. 

Transfer content ownership to minimize business impacts when team changes occur

For some software, deprovisioning access for an individual creates a black hole where their contributions — potentially valuable to the broader organization they leave behind — are lost in the ether. As an enhancement to our existing capabilities, we now enable company admins to transfer the ownership of all murals and rooms from one member to another programmatically through our content ownership transfer API. With this resource, your business will never skip a beat when team changes occur.

👉  The content ownership transfer API is now available on Enterprise plans. Click here to learn more.

Undoubtedly, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to administering the software that drives your business. MURAL’s advanced identity management solution embraces that notion fully by helping to account for the entire MURAL identity management lifecycle with simple and secure provisioning and authentication as well as advanced identity controls.

Each feature from MURAL’s advanced identity management solution is now available on Enterprise plans. If you have any questions or would like assistance enabling this functionality, please contact a member of the MURAL Customer Success Team.

👉  To learn more about how you can unlock secure collaboration at scale with MURAL Enterprise, contact our sales team today or visit

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About the authors

Josh Berman

Josh Berman

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Josh is a seasoned product marketing professional whose experience in the software industry has afforded him a world-class education in agile and design thinking methodologies.

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