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Your employees are craving more than virtual happy hours

Wednesday // August 3, 10 A.M. PT

This event occured on Aug 03, 2022

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For years, colocated employees took pizza parties and happy hours for granted. Then the pandemic made everyone realize their need for connection. As a result, our world went virtual and everyone rallied behind any form of interaction with colleagues, even if it was over Zoom.

Today, the initial novelty of virtual substitutes wore off, and activities that were once cathartic now feel forced and stale. 

As people begin to trickle back into the office, something is still missing. People are together again but feel more distant than ever. 

In this session, our panel of experts talked about this feeling of disconnection that’s plaguing employees and why these forced fun activities might be doing more harm than good.

Webinar - Your Employees Are Craving More Than Virtual Happy Hours Wednesday // August 3 10 A.M. PT

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Mark Tippin
Mark Tippin

Director, Strategic Next Practices, Mural

Mark Tippin is a published author, internationally-recognized keynote speaker and instructor in remote collaboration, human-centered design and visual facilitation. He is currently the Director, Strategic Next Practices at MURAL and a certified Lead Instructor at LUMA Institute.
Robert Skrobe
Robert Skrobe

Founder, Dallas Design Sprints

Robert Skrobe is the person behind Dallas Design Sprints, an agency specializing in virtual process, professional development, ideation and experimentation.
Adriana Roche
Adriana Roche

Head of People, Culture & Places,

Head of People, Culture & Places @ MURAL | Empowerer of Teams | Facilitator of aha! Moments | Global Explorer | Mom