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The MURAL Monthly: Understanding Your Customers

Wednesday // November 16, 9 A.M. PT / 12 P.M. ET

This event occured on 11/16/2022 at 09:00 PT

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The MURAL Monthly: Understanding Your Customers Event Recap:

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Farrah Buhaza, senior success architect at MURAL, shares how to lead user interviews and journey mapping to gain deeper and richer understanding of your customers by identifying what's going well, where the issues lie as well as opportunities to drive toward improved experiences, greater customer satisfaction, revenue growth and higher market share.

This session included:

  • Guidance for leading an effective customer interview
  • How to structure a customer journey mapping session
  • Tips for synthesizing and prioritizing findings

Live webinar: MURAL Monthly: Understanding your customers - Wednesday // November 16, 9 A.M. PT / 12 P.M. ET

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Hosted by:

Farrah Buhaza

Senior Success Architect, MURAL

Farrah is passionate about transforming customer experiences by helping clients power up their imagination, creativity, collaboration and innovation to help drive better results.

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