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Inspire Innovation With Better Brainstorming

Wednesday // July 27, 10 A.M. PT

This event occured on 07/27/2022 at 10:00 PT

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Inspire Innovation With Better Brainstorming Event Recap:

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Jori MacNaught, senior instructor at LUMA, shared how to lead a round robin brainstorm that invites input and engagement from all team members equitably — while generating outside-the-box thinking.

This webinar featured:

  • A new method for guiding effective collaboration
  • Templates to support better brainstorming
  • Tips for prioritizing next steps after a brainstorm

Inspire Innovation With Better Brainstorming Wednesday // July 27, 10 A.M. PT

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Hosted by:

Jori MacNaught

Senior Instructor at LUMA and Mural, LUMA

Jori MacNaught is passionate about people. She brings her curiosity about human behavior, research and community to her daily life. Jori’s remote teaching and collaboration skills enable her to help others uncover their creative side and discover ways to enrich their lives through a human-centric discipline.
Jesse Feldman


Jesse is a product marketer at MURAL, where she gets to spend every day transforming great ideas and features into videos and content. She refuses to buy bitcoin but loves reading about blockchain.

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