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Connection: The One Work Perk You’re Not Offering

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 // 8am PT // 4pm BST

This event occured on 06/08/2022 at 08:00 PT

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Connection: The One Work Perk You’re Not Offering Event Recap:

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The one perk modern workforces need may be the hardest to offer: a sense of community and collective endeavor. In this inspiring discussion, hosted by Economist Impact, you will learn what’s really missing in the workplace and explore ways to foster sustainable collaboration.

Though office cobwebs can be brushed away and doors opened back up, the hesitation to return to the workplace still persists. What once led people to fight the commuter crush and gather in the same place has lost its spark. But what ignited it? How can leaders reestablish a culture of collaboration where people not only provide value, but feel valued in return?

Topics include:

- Whether in-office perks like chefs and ping-pong tables are over
- How organizations can foster connection in a remote environment
- The drawbacks of remote collaboration for innovation and work culture and how companies should respond

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