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Growth is a good problem to have as an organization. If you are pivoting into new spaces as a result or rapid growth and opportunity, it may be time to revisit your vision, mission, strategy, and values. Or if you are just getting started, it’s a good idea to get aligned—to ensure that you are all moving in the same direction. Enlist your leaders in the development of these critical, organization-defining ideas and you’ll gain clarity, alignment, energy, and a sense of shared purpose.


Recalibrate For Growth (Territory)

by Territory

Territory was established to help organizations do their best work. They are a network of consultants, designers and strategic thinkers with its principal office in Portland, Oregon USA.

Their wide distribution allows them to convene the best-suited and brightest talent to meet each client’s needs by applying the power of design thinking to help people imagine, achieve, and deliver greater value, faster.


Territory is a global business design consultancy that helps clients with strategy, innovation, transformation, story, and ways-of-working.

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