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Team standup template

Stay on top of your team's progress

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Use this template to share the status of their work and track the progress of team projects and goals.

Team standup meetings allow team members to discuss what they’re working on, what tasks still need to get done, and what issues prevent them from being efficient at their responsibilities.

The team standup template helps you:

  • Get aligned quickly on priorities
  • Drive awareness and accountability
  • Check in on progress and any roadblocks your team may have
  • Build actionable next steps

How to use the team standup template

To use Mural’s team standup template, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Identify key problems to solve

Before starting the team standup meeting, go through with your team and identify all the things your company wants to accomplish along with the most critical issues, adding each item as a sticky note in the backlog area.

2. Assign tasks

In the template, you’ll see different blocks with “name.” These blocks represent each of your team members and their responsibilities. In each block, divide each team member’s tasks based on what’s in progress, on hold, or done, along with any obstacles (or roadblocks) that are in their way.

Use the backlog to populate each team member’s tasks for the week.

3. Check in daily with your team

Hold a standup daily with your team to connect and go over what they're currently working on. Based on their responses, update the tasks for each team member, adding any notes, tags, or comments as needed.

4. Keep your tasks up to date

Make sure you’re tracking progress in real time, and moving any completed tasks into the ‘Completed this Q’ section of the template.

Tips for running a team standup

To get the most out of the Mural template for daily team standup meetings, you should:

Prioritize tasks by importance

Designate priority for each task in the backlog based on importance to ensure team clarity of what tasks are critical for success.

Create a timeline for better team visibility

Plan your projects and tasks by recreating them in the timeline below the standup workflows. Identify effort levels for each task and plan out how much time each task will take to better allocate team resources.

Quickly duplicate events

Mural has a simple shortcut to duplicate elements in our team standup template. For example, this template has five different blocks to represent each of your team members, but you may manage more people than that.

By using this shortcut and the infinite canvas feature, you can replicate your blocks to match the number of members you have on your team.

Share the document with other team members

Team members can easily update the template with the tasks they’re working on, have put on hold, or just completed. You can also set permission restrictions to limit access to the file for external guests or visitors.

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How to create a Team standup template

Mural makes it easy to run team standup meetings that improve alignment and drive results

With Mural, it’s easy to get everyone on the same page, identify any issues and opportunities, and track your progress as you go.
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Sticky notes & text

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Flexible permissions

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Asynchronous collaboration

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Real-time collaboration

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