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Team Charter

Team Charter

Team Charter Template

Team Charter

Establish ground rules for how your team works together

Communication is an integral part of strong teamwork. With a team charter you'll outline the essential elements of your team's communication and define a set of concepts and skills that focus and guide your team. Invite your teammates to the example template and review together, then move into a blank charter and begin your journey to becoming a high-performing team.

Create a mural in your workspace from the template below:

TEAM CHARTER - EXAMPLE: Start from a completed example charter

TEAM CHARTER - BLANK: Start from an empty charter

TEMPLATE COMPANION: We've organized a blog post explaining the team charter concept, breaking down this template's format, and tips for best practice.

‍BLANK TEMPLATE: Start from an untouched template

Get Started from Blank Template

Get Started

EXAMPLE TEMPLATE: Start from a mural with sample content

Get Started from Example Template

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