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Sprint planning template

Plan your upcoming sprint

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About the sprint planning template

The sprint planning template kickstarts your meeting process and provides built-in organization based on Agile methodology. Use the meeting outline to better understand each step and facilitate your best sprint planning meeting yet.

What is sprint planning in Agile methodology?

What is sprint planning?

Sprint planning is a meeting that is held at the beginning of each sprint in which the team decides what tasks need to be completed during the sprint. The meeting is led by the Scrum master, and all members of the team are encouraged to participate.

Why is sprint planning important?

Sprint planning is important because it helps to establish the team's goals and the contents included in the sprint. By taking the time to plan out what needs to be done, the team can avoid getting bogged down with tasks that are not relevant to the sprint goal.

What happens during sprint planning?

During sprint planning, the team will first conduct a check-in to establish how everyone is feeling heading into the next sprint. Next, the team will review the product roadmap, which may include a review of the backlog of tasks that need to be completed. The team will then discuss which tasks need to be completed during the sprint and how they will be accomplished. Finally, the team will assign each task to a specific member of the team, and wrap up with an energy check.

How long does sprint planning last?

Sprint planning typically lasts for one to three hours. However, this time can vary depending on the size of the team and the complexity of the tasks that need to be completed.

What are some tips for effective sprint planning?

Some tips for effective sprint planning include: ensuring that all members of the team understand the goal of the sprint; breaking down tasks into small, manageable pieces; and assigning tasks based on each member’s skills and abilities.

How to use the sprint planning template

The sprint planning template incorporates instructions and an outline that helps you easily facilitate a meeting.

Steps to run your sprint planning meeting:

  1. Energy check-in — how is everyone feeling?
  2. Review your product roadmap
  3. Define the goal(s) for the sprint
  4. Define the scope or capacity for the sprint — are there backlog items you may be able to address?
  5. Plan the sprint
  6. Energy check-out — how prepared does you team feel going into the next sprint?

How to create a Sprint planning template

Make sprint planning more collaborative and effective

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Sticky notes & text

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Asynchronous collaboration

Asynchronous collaboration

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Anonymous voting

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Find & filter

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