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Ritual reset template

Reflect on and re-evaluate your team meetings and processes.

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The purpose of this Play is to help teams:

  • Reflect on their existing rituals
  • Identify what to keep, what to improve, and what to pause
  • Take action to help improve their operating cadence

With the shift to WFH and hybrid work, teams have struggled to continuously and effectively evolve their cadence of rituals  – the way of working at the beginning of the pandemic (e.g., more social connection time) isn’t necessarily what’s needed now.

The result is that we’re in more meetings, for more time per day, with more people. And it’s burning all of us out. 

Our hypothesis is that while teams have started to become more aware of what’s happening, it’s even more challenging to hit the pause button and do a proper spring cleaning of their recurring rituals.

How to create a Ritual reset template

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