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Product management template

A series of templates for more productive, efficient product management

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Building, launching, and optimizing products is a complex and collaborative process that involves many steps, teams, and stakeholders — and product managers are in the middle of it all. PMs can use this series of templates to navigate milestones, run productive collaboration sessions, and build helpful resources for designers, developers, and beyond.

Product Requirements Document (PRD) Template

Amazing products are built by amazing teams, and the most successful teams have a clear, cohesive plan. The product requirements document (PRD) is the single source of truth for the key aspects of your product. 

It's the guide that defines what the team is building, who they are building it for, why it matters from a value perspective, and how the team plans on releasing the product into the market. Intended to be a living and breathing document, the PRD is the centerpiece for storytelling and communications, both internally and externally.

Our product requirements document template was created in partnership with Mike Edmonds, chief experience officer at Moonshot by Pactera EDGE, to help product teams make their PRDs more visual and collaborative.

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Feature Prioritization Template

Successful product managers are expert investors. They know how to assess market conditions, understand human behavior, and place bets on where value will arise. Placing bets comes down to prioritization and having a clear framework for going in one direction vs. another. 

Feature prioritization is a simple process, but not an easy one. Created in partnership with Mike Edmonds, chief experience officer at Moonshot by Pactera EDGE, our feature prioritization template empowers product managers to guide prioritization decisions with two tried and true frameworks: MoSCoW and RICE. 

We recommend using the MoSCoW method for prioritizing features that take your product from 0 to 1, or pre-product market fit. RICE scoring is best for prioritizing features that take your product from 1 to N, or post-product market fit.

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Resilient Product Roadmap Template

A Resilient Roadmap is continuously evolving and adapts to the changing needs of the market, customers, and teams. This template was created in partnership with Mike Edmonds, chief experience officer at Moonshot by Pactera EDGE, to help product leaders plan and rally their organizations around product planning. 

Use this template to plan a series of collaboration sessions that will help your teams execute a more strategic roadmap. We encourage product leaders to pick and choose which steps make sense for their organizations. End-to-end involvement from product management, product design, and engineering teams will help you deliver the most strategic impact with this template.

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Personas Template

When designing a solution to a problem, it’s important to understand who you’re designing for, so you can keep their needs, challenges, behaviors, and attitudes in mind while you design. Creating comprehensive personas can help you empathize with your user’s experience and design a solution that can meet their needs.

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User Flow Template

Given the importance UX and UI play in today's best products, it's imperative for product manager and designers to be in lockstep. To help product managers and designers stay on the same page, we created our user flow template in partnership with Mike Edmonds, chief experience officer at Moonshot by Pactera EDGE. 

Think of the user flow as a visual way to describe requirements and dependencies that inform the experience of your product. In short, a user flow makes the job of a designer easier, which makes for a more symbiotic relationship between product and design.

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Customer Journey Map Template

When you’re designing a solution to a problem, you can use this template to help your team build empathy for your users by defining the situation, building proto-personas of your users, and mapping out stages of the situation your users face. This critical exercise in defining user needs, motivations, and obstacles will help guide your next steps in designing a solution.

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Design Sprint Template

Whether you’re working at a startup or a large organization, developing the right product or service for your customer is key to your success. We can’t afford to wait for a product to launch in order to understand if it’s the right thing to be investing time and money into.

A design sprint is a process for answering critical business questions and getting customer feedback in a compressed amount of time, leading to breakthroughs that might otherwise take months.

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Product Launch Template

There isn’t just one method for a successful product launch because every product is unique, but most launch plans involve similar phases and activities. To help product teams start with a baseline of core activities applicable to most products, we created our product launch template in partnership with Mike Edmonds, chief experience officer at Moonshot by Pactera EDGE. Feel free to use this plan as is or edit to fit the needs of your product, team, and audience.

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Retrospective Template

This template is an online tool where you and your team can collaborate in real time to reflect on what happened in the most recent work iteration and identify actions for improvement going forward. No matter where your team is located, this tool helps you analyze the benefits and drawbacks of your current action as well as develop a more effective strategy.

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Product management template frequently asked questions

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