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Mutual Action Plan


Being on the same page at all times with multiple stakeholders provides effective and efficient project progression, especially when multiple stakeholders are involved. In order to devise a synchronized action plan, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of various project components to create alignment and a vision on how to strategically proceed forward.

Leverage this template to collaborate with your customer champion to attain overall alignment.

Take Your Virtual Superpowers to the Next Level with Digital Sales Templates (Somersault Innovation)

by Somersault Innovation

Somersault Innovation was born in 2015 when we fell in love with the power of Design Thinking and wanted to teach others to use the methodology. Once we got going, we realized there was incredible value in offering sales professionals the same tools that designers have been using for years to drive customer centricity.

We started teaching sellers how to use various tools to do better Discovery, generate Insights and Accelerate the deal cycle. The results have been amazing and inspiring.