Prep Time:
10 min
Time to run:
1-3 hours

Learning Experience Canvas template

Design the best learning experiences you can imagine!

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Use this powerful method to design the best learning experiences you can imagine. Ideal for anyone in the field of learning or design who wants to create memorable and meaningful learning experiences in a human-centered and goal-oriented way.

Design a learning experience in three steps:

1. Map out the eight elements on the left and right of the Learning Experience Canvas.

  • Learning outcome:  What the learner will gain from the learning experience and why that’s meaningful and valuable to the learner.
  • Learning objectives: The specific goals the learner needs to reach in order to achieve the desired learning outcome.
  • People: Includes all (groups of) people who either participate in the learning experience or who have a stake in the learning experience.
  • Characteristics: Descriptions of the people who are part of your learning experience in a more detailed way offering insights into who they are.
  • Location: Where the learning experience will take place. There can be one or more locations.
  • Environment: How people will interact with each other and their surroundings in the location(s) of the learning experience.
  • Resources: Everything you have at your disposal for the creation and implementation of your learning experience.
  • Constraints: All the limitations to the design, realization, and implementation of a learning experience.

2. Formulate your design strategy in the center based on the insights you’ve gained so far.

  • Strategy: A set of design guidelines based on the analysis of the elements you have already completed.

3. Design the activities and process for your learning experience guided by your strategy.

  • Activities: What the learner actually does during the learning experience to reach one or more learning objectives.
  • Process: The actual learning experience as it takes place over time. It is an arranged and scheduled set of activities.

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