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Job To Be Done Journey Mapping Template

Map out and understand how your customers achieve their jobs to be done.

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Use the Job To Be Done Journey Map as a design tool to deconstruct the job that customers are trying to get done into specific steps, identify opportunities for improvement, and map a new experience. The Job To Be Done Journey Map puts CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE at its center. Instead of each team needing to prepare an executive presentation to share, they can turn to the murals directly. First you will need to set the foundation: What is the job to be done? Then map the current experience thinking about how customers achieve the job on their current experience. Next, move on to validating the competitor’s experience – how do customers achieve the job within your competitor’s experiences? Finally, design a new experience with your customer experience in mind. Implement, scale and be agile!

How to create a Job To Be Done Journey Mapping Template

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