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Feature prioritization template

Prioritize features using data and trusted frameworks

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Successful product managers are expert investors. They know how to assess market conditions, understand human behavior, and place bets on where value will arise. Placing bets comes down to prioritization and having a clear framework for going in one direction vs. another.

Feature prioritization is a simple process, but not an easy one. Created in partnership with Mike Edmonds, chief experience officer at Moonshot by Pactera EDGE, our feature prioritization template empowers product managers to guide prioritization decisions with two tried and true frameworks: MoSCoW and RICE.

We recommend using the MoSCoW method for prioritizing features that take your product from 0 to 1, or pre-product market fit. RICE scoring is best for prioritizing features that take your product from 1 to N, or post-product market fit.

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