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Peer-review pinboard

Peer-review pinboard

Peer-review pinboard Template

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Peer-review pinboard

Easily share work, give and receive peer feedback

This template was created by Falmouth University to facilitate collaborative peer to peer feedback activities in both virtual and in-person sessions.

Designed in a simple pin-board style, the template consists of ‘review zones’ each containing a space for a student to share their work and a space for another student (or students) to leave feedback.  

With the ability to add content directly onto the canvas (including links to documents or media that might be hosted elsewhere), we’ve found this template to be great for enabling students to gather informal and constructive feedback from one or more of their peers.  

Making use of the ‘Outline’ function, students and staff alike find it quick and easy to navigate between review zones, making this template ideal for both synchronous and asynchronous peer review activities.

Close the session with a reflection activity to help your students consolidate what they've learned.

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